Art de vivre


Arts de la table are so much fun ! Choice of table-cloth, ornaments, fresh flowers, candles, centers, lighting are important details contributing to a table elegance. Even on a daily busy basis, I believe silverware, plates, dishes, glasses need to be set properly for an inviting and relaxing quality time around the dinner table.


Much has been said about the French way to educate children to behave and get healthy food habits…

Here are some helpful guidelines : that’s the way it has always been at my home, in France and in the US alike, no exception, no complain, … and it works great!

  1. Avoid industrial junk food and soda at home.
  2. No snack between meals except a light “gouter”, a fruit or a cookie right after school.
  3. Avoid emotional links with food (sorry but kids don’t need a bed time snack or a candy to be sure we love them). There are so many other ways to provide reward !
  4. No TV nor any other screen ever allowed during meals as we consider it is such a precious time for discussion.
  5. Everybody is seated, participates in the conversation, joyfully and peacefully.
  6. Kids eat what is served, no kids menu ever, I just adapt the portion to their size, and they love to eat vegetables everyday since they started solid food.
  7. They are not hungry for the fresh home-made soup ? No worry, but then, they cannot be hungry for dessert!
  8. We do not start eating until everyone is ready.
  9. No-one leaves the table early without asking permission.
  10. Everyday, one of the kids is on duty to help on specific chores such as empty the dishwasher, lay the table, empty the trash.


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