Frederique  Hello, my name is Frederique. I moved from Versailles to San Diego two years ago. What a cultural shock… And what a wonderful opportunity for our family to get out of our comfort zone, meet fabulous people, explore America and embrace the SoCal vibe! Sharing my experience and creations on this website is definitely a way for me to express gratitude and hopefully create new connections across the US where the distances are so big.

Deeply touched by the emotional power of the gorgeous American nature I started to paint in Spring 2012. I felt inspired by the loneliness and striking beauty of many landscapes after several trips across California, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, up to Yellowstone, Montana Oregon, New Mexico. How fun to explore various painting styles, execution varies according to my mood and composition. Who knows, maybe your comments and feedback will help me find my own style!

Passionate about art de vivre and home decor, I am also very excited to share the precious moments I celebrate with my French touch in my home sweet home with family and friends. I very much appreciate the changing beauty of lights, flowers, antique furniture, eye-catching fabrics and elegant cuisine… I hope you will enjoy it too and feel inspired by my typs and tricks. I can provide decor project management, home and personal styling, as well as coaching in French art de vivre, at your convenience.

As a marketer I identify many positive synergies between marketing skills and any other creative activity: vision, strategic thinking, decision-making, attention to details are key in any project, for the common purpose of developing and sharing authentic, meaningful and lasting value.

Voila! I hope you will enjoy these pages and look forward to hearing from you.


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