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I am not a big fan of standardized curtains, I have so much fun adjusting colours, transparency and design to the atmosphere I enjoy to feel in a room… Draperies are a cost-effective way to bring warmth and enhance room personality. You can find a fabulous choice on fabric.com at very affordable price, and sewing is fun!


Kitcen Before RemodelingKitchen After Remodeling


–  I maximised size impression with a majority of off-white color, bringing just little touches of warm colors (warm yellow, emerald-green and light bordeaux). I designed a floor pattern with big squares included in a rectangular shape along the window to draw attention towards the natural light source.

– The space was optimized with integrated appliances and higher cabinets (thanks to Ikea Home Planner). The table is nothing more than a custom-cut counter matching the window frame length, ideal for a 6 people family informal dining, plenty of room to cook with kids (adjustable height of the table feet).

–  Combination of tradition and modernity, mixing traditional material (Carrelages du Marais reedition of XIXth century cements and tiles) for the floor and walls, in line with the authentic materials originally used in this kind of Bachelin house. For the table and counter, raw oak (Ikea), simple cute country chairs with off white cushions. A few modern accents with stainless steel appliances and glass above the stove. Counter bulbs provide intimate light and ceiling halogen allow a better light diffusion.

And most of these tips also work for a diningroom, a bathroom, a bedroom don’t they? Let me know what you think!

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After


Bath before              Bath After


Basement before                        Basement After

This was a fun one! How to turn a rough open basement into 2 bedrooms, one bathroom and a playroom, dramatically adding living space and re-sell value to this house ideally located in the center of a historic city only 15 minutes from Paris.

First I had to make the plans, budget the supplies and workload, visualize the potential result and get the approval from the city architectural committee since the house was located in a protected area with strict guidelines in terms of rooms extensions.

Then the shopping : Mosaic Del Sur was great for the cement flooring, allowing me to create my own colorful pattern, and I had a left over of Faience de Mougins that I recycled for the little bathroom counter.. The wooden floor was simple and easy.  Coaching the handyman and communicating effectively with all daily was key to ensure motivation was always at its best and by the way avoid any electricity or plumbing disaster..  3 feet depth of soil digging was not an easy task and the backyard turned into a muddy no mans land for a while.

Initiated in November, this project was finalized in March. It did the interior painting myself, my glasses remember it.. But it was so much worth it!

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